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Standard Account

Standard Account

Standard Account may be the most common trading account type you encounter in the Forex world but it is not just another in Costa Markets! We did our best to offer the most splendid alternatives of the widest range of instruments available on our MT5 platform. It does not matter if you are a beginner, a risk-free trader or a wolf of all markets, Standard Account is suitable for all traders no matter what your level of knowledge or experience.

We promise low spread, near to zero commission and an unlimited access to Commodity, FX pairs, Equities and many others all over the world as well as high performance technology and tools you need to trade effectively.

Don't hesitate, just spare three minutes and experience the exceptional service and fast trade execution at Costa Markets!

Why Standard Account?

The standard account of the Costa Markets has the proud advantage of low spreads and zero handling fees. At the same time, it also provides traders with sufficient depth of the market and always keeps the quotation transparent. Customers can have a smooth and convenient experience when they are doing trading.


All standard accounts have up to 1:500 leverage, transaction scale and more effective risk management. In the hands of wise traders, leverage will help them to obtain generous returns. Low spreads and deep liquidity quotation pools make transactions of customers. to be more profitable.


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